A cucumber crocodile for the young food punk
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A cucumber crocodile for the young food punk

Cucumber Crocodile Alert at Foodpunk!

We were attacked by a cheeky green crocodile. It sits in the kitchen and sticks its tongue out at everyone. Have you ever seen something like this?
Behind the dangerous-looking reptile is actually a healthy and delicious vegetable variation. It is perfect for making an otherwise boring cucumber an absolute star in young children.

If you have offspring yourself, you know that sometimes it is not so easy to make something healthy tasty for the children. There are nasty, colorful sugar bombs everywhere. Sure, sweets usually look better than a bad cucumber, for example. Ha! We hereby show you how to do it differently with a little imagination. In line with our article on child nutrition, we will show you with our “Gurkodil” how much potential there is in the vegetable compartment for the little ones.

You can also have your child help you with “tinkering”, then you can bring the green friend to life in teamwork. But be careful! Don't get caught by the sharp teeth!

In this sense: We wish you and your child a lot of fun with our cheeky, green friend!

The foodpunk cucumber crocodile
  • menu sequenceBuffet, snack
  • kitchenfinger food



  • 1size

    cucumberabout 300g

  • 125G

    Mini mozzarella balls

  • 100G

    cherry tomatoes

  • 50G

    Grapes, white

  • 50G

    Grapes, red

  • 1.2


  • toothpick

  1. Just put the cucumber in front of you, if it is safe and does not roll away, it is great. If not: Just cut the length of the bottom so that it lies securely on a plate or board.

  2. The cucumber crocodile will get its snout at the base of the cucumber. To do this, cut the cucumber approximately 5 cm in the middle on this side.

  3. Now you can carefully open the jaws of the crocodile and simply clamp a wooden spoon in between so that you can carve your teeth. To do this, cut out small triangles at the top and bottom of the cut surface.

  4. To keep the crocodile's mouth open, simply halve a carrot. Then halve this carrot lengthways and you have a tongue for the cheeky crocodile.
    Simply remove the wooden spoon from the crocodile's mouth and carefully slide the carrot tongue into it.

  5. About the crocodile mouth, before the body begins, 2 toothpicks now come with a mozzarella bead each. These are the eyes.

  6. Now our green friend's back scales are coming. Alternately stick a mozzarella bead and a cocktail tomato on a toothpick. Or a white and a red grape. Here the youngsters can also help a lot. First make 10 such skewers.

  7. Now place the skewers as a pair next to each other on the back of the crocodile. If you have a particularly large cucumber, make more skewers and put them on the cucumber.

  8. Now you can put the crocodile on a large plate or a board and finally decorate it.

  9. For example, we cut feet and pupils from the remaining cucumber skin for the crocodile.

  10. If you have left over mozzarella balls and tomatoes, you can also make very simple mushrooms out of them: just cut the tomatoes in half and press them down onto a mozzarella ball. You can also dab some cream cheese with a toothpick. Then you have "toadstools".

Prescription notes

Nutritional values ​​of the cheeky cucumber crocodile:

473 kcal
23.7 g fat
29.7 g net carbohydrates
of which sugar: 24.9 g (from the grapes and the tomatoes)
26.4 g protein

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