• Low Carb Egg Benedict
    Keto Recipes

    Low Carb Egg Benedict on Bread Fit

    Egg Benedict – doesn't that sound totally elegant and even a little decadent? And while we're at it … doesn't Low Carb Egg benedict sound much better? Let's go back a bit at this point. Egg Benedict is actually a…

  • Low Carb Gemüsenudeln mit Walnüssen
    Keto Recipes

    Low carb vegetable noodles with walnuts

    A gluten-free low carb diet and noodles don't go together? Nope! With a little creativity, some ingredients from the vegetable compartment of your fridge can be transformed into delicious low-carb vegetable noodles. At Foodpunk we love zoodles – low-carb vegetable…

  • Exogenous ketones
    Keto Recipes

    Exogenous ketones

    Ever heard of the “ketone drink”? Some Tour de France racing teams use this new in-drink to improve their athletes' performance. These "exogenous ketones" are not only increasingly in the spotlight, especially in cycling – they promise easier ketosis without…

  • Low Carb Chicken Tikka Masala
    Keto Recipes

    Low carb chicken tikka masala

    Today it gets a little exotic at Foodpunk. We have a fruity and delicious recipe from our nutritional program in our luggage. Are you ready? It's heading to India! With our Low Carb Chicken Tikka Masala. A wide variety of…

  • saftiger Bananenkuchen
    Keto Recipes

    Juicy banana bread as we love it

    A little bit sweet, a little bit banana-like, a little bit nutty and insanely tasty – that's the best way to describe our juicy banana bread. It is suitable for everyone whose heart beats for low carb because it is…