Essential health content that you can now stream
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Essential health content that you can now stream

Streaming services have officially taken over. That is why there is so much content these days! However, among all the offerings on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, you may be less aware of the excellent health and wellness content that is offered between reruns of Parks and Rec and The good place or new episodes of The crown,

Whether you are interested in a little training or want to be inspired by real life stories, there is definitely a topic that will appeal to you. Starting with the ethics of food procurement to unexplained diseases, here is a short list of the key content you can see on all of your favorite streaming services.

diagnosis on Netflix, Based on the long term New York Times Magazine column of the same name, diagnosis follows the complex, unsolved mysteries that populate modern medicine. The first season introduces seven cases of serious, unexplained diseases. it follows Dr. Lisa Sanders, who tries to gather information from doctors, researchers, and ordinary people who have experience with a number of rare, bizarre symptoms.

It's incredible to see how many people show their real need for help, and it's just another reminder of how many people without diagnosis have chronic, unexplained diseases. (The actual column appears every two weeks and has been running since 2002.)

rotten on Netflix, This series of documentation on Netflix looks at the sources of our foods. Is it ethical? Who is responsible for growing or preparing the food? Why do food allergies increase in children? Some revelations – from the fact that Chinese prisoners are peeling the country's cheapest garlic to a massive plan to sell illegal honey in the U.S. – are downright shocking, but each episode will take a little more care about where your food comes from comes from. The second season just debuted in early October.

Sweat with Emily Oberg on Hulu, Get sweaty He originally made his debut on Complex, but has now found a home on Hulu. The series consists of super-short episodes – five, seven or ten minutes each – in which Oberg guides celebrities through various training plans and asks them personal and professional questions. The interview format is a good distraction from the intensity of the workout – you can either do it at home while watching or use it as inspiration the next time you go to the gym.

Heal on Netflix, There is a complex connection between the power of the mind and the ability to overcome physical complaints that are not fully understood in medicine – the exception but not the rule. But what if it could be the rule? There is an enormous connection between stress and chronic diseases, which is examined in the film.

There is also evidence that alongside spirituality, social support and embracing positive emotions and driving away the negative, belief can go a long way. The film will inspire you to seek mental well-being. This could make you physically stronger.

The brain with David Eagleman on Amazon Prime, Have you ever thought about what makes you special? The brain The documentary series originally ran on PBS with great success, but now you can watch the groundbreaking show on Amazon Prime. Each episode is about a common event that we rarely think of – how our brains make unconscious or conscious decisions, how our brains rely on outside support, and how our personalities and emotions are cultivated.

After watching the entire series, you will have a better understanding of how complex people are and which biological processes generate the mind – even if there is still so much to be learned scientifically.

Ask Dr. Ruth on Hulu, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, 90, is a pioneer in sexual health. She was able to speak about sex in an honest, open, and non-judgmental way, be it female orgasm, contraception, HIV or abortion rights. Apparently she was always at the forefront of change.

This documentary is a journey through her (sometimes tragic) life, but ultimately a celebration of her triumphant career. Since 1980 she has been one of the most well-known sex educators in the world. She had a successful radio show, multiple talk shows, and countless bestselling books, teaching everyday people how to take care of their sexuality and best build their relationships.

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